You Swore You’d Never Do THAT!

Before your kids were born, you had an idea in your head of what kind of parent you’d be — you know, cool, hip, all-knowing, etc… You’d look at other parents in judgement as they did things you swore you’d never do.

Then you became a parent and all your preconceived notions went out the window.

1. Back then… you’d become irritated every time your friends called you up just so you could hear their baby coo. Now here you are… so awestruck by your baby’s ability to gurgle on queue that you feel the need to share it with everybody you know, including your single, childless friends.

2.  Back then… you believed that anyone who’d allow their 1-year old to suck on a pacifier should be reported to the American Academy of Dentistry. Now here you are… watching your 2-year old soothe himself to sleep by the gentle sucking motion of his favorite binky.

3. Back then… you thought a minivan was the most uncool vehicle on the planet. Now here you are… luxuriating in your 8-person kid mobile, enjoying the automatic sliding doors, the wide screen DVD player and all the awesome storage compartments.

4. Back then… you’d become violently ill at the sight and sound of Barney and his freakishly creepy friends. Now here you are… praising his name as you hastily turn to PBS, while your kids scream and cry only to be consoled by the annoying purple dinosaur.

5. Back then… you’d look on in complete annoyance as parents let their kids thrown earsplitting tantrums right in the middle of the grocery store. Now here you are… ignoring your inconsolably upset child (and those around you) in an effort to teach him that screaming bloody murder won’t win him that candy bar.

Having kids turns even the coolest of people into versions of themselves they never knew was in them. It’s an inevitable fact of parenthood.

How about you? What did you swear you’d never do?


As they begin finding their own academic voice, they realize that they can have voice and agency in other areas of their lives


  1. Yes, yes, yes to every one of these! Well, except the Barney one. Fortunately, we managed to sidestep that one 🙂

  2. Ha ha. We managed to keep Barney to a minimum. I just couldn’t stand it! What happened to our cool selves? I used to be SO anti minivan. But when I finally got mine, I was happy as a clam driving around in my big old mom mobile!

  3. Oh my, you just described me to a “t,” except I throw in sugar every chance I get to make them stop talking to me. I swore I’d never let them so much as have a can of soda, and now, I go out and spend much dollars on candy.

  4. Mini-van thing? Yep! And the grocery store tantrum? Guilty (them, not me). I have perfected the “walk away and ignore!”

  5. Yep! I have done all, not the Barney but Max and Ruby is bad enough. One time in the grocery store my kid was screaming and I was blatantly ignoring her. Some lady said “can’t you hear her” i turned to her and said I am deaf. She walked away

    • That is hysterical. Great response. People who say that are either not parents or don’t remember when their kids were young.

  6. Soon, very soon, you’ll hear your mother’s voice come out of your mouth! 🙂

    Found you on the Blog Hop ~ enjoy!

  7. Part of the blog hop! Nice to meet ya,


  8. Too funny and very true! Before I was a parent, I vowed I would never use spit to clean my kids face but now that I’m a parent well…. Let’s just say with two boys under the age of four there is a lot of dirt and not enough wipes. Am I right?!
    Visiting from TGIF blog hop! 🙂

  9. Christy Neal says:

    Oh my kids weren’t supposed to watch tv until they were at least 5. Yeah that went out the window really quick. I was also one of the one’s that said that my kids would never scream and act crazy at the grocery store….FF 3 years….*sigh*

  10. Yes, yes, yes!!! Great post and thanks for linking up!!!

  11. So nice when all us mama people can get together and laugh at who we thought we’d be… For me, I told myself my kids would never look like orphans in public. I’m pretty sure that became a fantasy the first time my oldest pooped through every piece of clothing we had and spent the rest of our shopping day in a diaper and a blanket. Now, it’s dirty faces, runny noses, uncombed hair, and chocolate milk spilled on their clothes every time we walk into Walmart. Needless to say, we fit in better there. 🙂

  12. At a restaurant my son was licking the table (gross i know =) – my sister said “my kids will never do that” – guess what?!?!?

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