10 things I will never stop doing for my kids

The other day, a friend’s little 6 year old daughter asked me, “Do you still call your boys your babies?” It seems her mom still does that to her and she was beginning to wonder why.

“Of course!” I responded. “They’ll always be my babies!”

She gave me an adorable little chuckle, then looked at her mom as if so say, “Okay mom, I guess you can keep calling me your baby.”

As moms, do we ever stop thinking of our children as our babies? No we don’t rock them to sleep or sing them lullabies (unless they’re really sick, of course—then all bets are off), but they are still our babies, right?

Though my role as mom will evolve as my boys age, there are some things I will never stop doing for them—whether they’re 9, 29 or 59:


    1. Saying “I’m proud of you.”
    2. Encouraging them to be their own person.
    3. Picking them up when they fall.
    4. Accepting them for who they are—flaws and all. 
    5. Hugging and kissing them. (Try to stop me.)
    6. Being open, honest and respectful towards them. Treating them as equals.
    7. Laughing with them. Laughing at them. Letting them laugh at me.
    8. Talking to them. Listening to them. Asking how they’re doing.
    9. Forgiving them.
    10. Saying, “I love you.”

My boys are now, and forever will be, my babies.


  1. And they’re all the better for it.

  2. devanicole says:

    Love this!!!

  3. Well said, baby girl! xoxoxo

  4. Amen!

  5. Kathy@kissingthefrog says:

    This is perfect. I love it!

  6. Perfect list, especially the listening. Ellen

  7. Yes, all the time yes. I think a lot about my kids growing up and being giant adult people. I look and think, “I’ll never stop seeing my babies. No matter what they grow up to be.”

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