About me

Welcome to I’m Still Learning, where I  chronicle my journey towards being a better parent, staying healthy and calm and finding the positives in tough situations. Thanks for stopping by. I love having company.

A little bit about me:
I am a part-time freelance communications consultant and writer, and single mom to two two wild, yet extremely lovable boys, ages 11 and 13.

My goal in life is to find the calm amidst the crazy—which, given the dominance of pre-pubescent testosterone in my house, is usually hidden in some obscure corner of my home. Here at I’m Still Learning, I muse about my adventures in parenting, the roller-coaster that is the life of a single mom and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I am also the published author of How to Eat Healthy Without Noticing: A Non-Dieter’s Guide to Eating Better.

To get flavor for what I’m all about, take a look at some of my more popular posts:
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Topics I write about:
Reflective Parenting
Physical Health
Emotional Wellness
Funny Stuff

Contact: sycomms@me.com

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