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Choosing Your Service for the Best Career

Whether you are looking for your first job, a new challenge or more responsibility, you want to get started as quickly as possible and not to waste too much time searching and applying. We understand that. So it’s time to make your brain crack and roll up your sleeves! We help you with 4 practical tips to find work quickly. Work in which you can show what you are worth and where you can make a difference with pleasure.

Find work quickly? Let your environment know that you are looking for work

Find a job quickly? Your social network is invaluable if you are looking for work. Many people find a new job ‘via’. That is why it is important to let friends, family and acquaintances know that you are looking for work. Also use social media such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Post a short message describing what kind of position you are looking for. Then ask your friends to share this message for an even greater reach. Did you know that you can get in touch with everyone in the world in six steps? If you know that, then that dream job might also be closer than you think. In the career portal you can find the best deal.

Know what you want and what you are good at

Of course you want a job that matches what you can and what you like and preferably also with pleasant colleagues, a good salary and a pleasant working atmosphere. But to find that ideal workplace, you first have to know what you are looking for. If you have followed a car mechanic training, then it is obvious that you would like to work at a garage. But it may also be that you found out during your previous job that what you are doing now does not fit you (anymore). Then it becomes a bit more complicated. Do you want to find a job that suits you quickly? Then first take the time to put on paper for yourself what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. These can also be things that you now do as a hobby or as a volunteer. You can then look for vacancies that match this.

Find a job quickly: register with an employment agency

An employment agency can help you with your job search. Not only does an employment agency often have a huge database of current vacancies, they also know very quickly which company suits you best. If you are looking for work in a specific field, then register with a specialized employment agency. We have vacancies in logistics and production at large and small companies in the region, so there is always a suitable job in your area. Go for the career portal there.

Keep your resume up-to-date

In many cases, if you are going to apply, your CV will be requested. Therefore, make sure that your resume is completely up-to-date when you look for new work. Put your most recent work experience at the top, describe what you have done and emphasize what you are good at. Have you obtained relevant certificates during your studies or work? Also state this on your resume! Prevent further spelling errors and make your resume clear, so that someone can see at a glance who you are and what your skills are. If in doubt, have someone else check your CV, so you can be sure that you will not overlook anything.

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