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Dr. Michael Everest Makes A Difference By Supporting Community Projects


As the Chairman of the Everest Foundation, Dr. Michael Everest continues to act as a beacon of hope to local communities and internationally. The physician contributes financial resources to projects aimed at supporting and strengthening medical education and research.

Founded in 2008, the foundation provides scholarships to underprivileged students from around the country and different parts of the world. The philanthropic work also extends to clinical and medical research. Many students have benefited from the work done by Michael Everest DeMarco and his foundation.

5K Generosity Run/Walk

More recently, the Everest Foundation supported the 5K Generosity Run/Walk held in New York. The event highlighted the impact of medical research conducted by leading medical schools. 

Seven participants who benefited from the use of an exoskeleton device walked along the Hudson River after they had spent years on wheelchairs with spinal injuries. The participation of these men and women demonstrated how medical research changes people’s lives. 

Dr. Michael Everest banister has been at the forefront of funding and promoting ground-breaking research work. The event bore testament to the power of collaboration between corporate sponsors and the research community. Dr. Everest works closely with organizations like Generosity 5K based Riverside, New York, which fundraise for various charities, including Team ReWalk.

The seven men and women who walked at the event using exoskeleton devices inspired Dr. Everest to continue support research work. Spinal cord injuries affect people and the Everest Foundation is making a difference by funding exoskeleton and SCI research at the Bronx VA. 

Dr. Everest stated that his foundation’s mission is to ensure positive patient outcomes, which contribute to a good quality of life. 

Keck School of Medicine receives a donation from the Everest Foundation

The Everest Foundation recently supported the Keck School of Medicine by making a 10-year commitment of $1 million. The non-profit organization provided $162,500 to the Dept. of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the institution. The funds assist the school conduct thorough head and neck postdoctoral research.

Additionally, the foundation announced the establishment of the Edwin Everest Foundation Fund. The donation complements the multi-year $1 million commitment aimed at supporting research work done by volunteer postdoctoral research trainees. 

The trainees conduct the research in the Department of Internal Medicine. The commitment forms part of the extensive philanthropic work done by Michael Everest DeMarco. The donations align with the foundation’s motto — Strengthening Medical Institutions. 

Over the years, the non-profit organization donated millions of dollars annually towards a specific medical education and research projects. Some of the funds support critical research in stem cells and nanotechnology. Many clinical trials in leading universities have benefited from the donations.

Improving healthcare

The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles is another nonprofit entity that received support from the Everest Foundation. The teaching hospital is an affiliate of the Keck School of Medicine. Renee Bianco, vice president for development at the hospital stated the funds will help the institution implement its global education track program.

The foundation’s gift will make it easier for the hospital to promote issues related to global health. The institution works with various to improve the training of medical students. These key aspects are important to Dr. Michael Everest as he believes in the power of quality medical training. 

In an interview conducted by India-West, Everest expressed the desire to fund a wide variety of global medical education programs in countries like India. He is keen to see an improvement in healthcare delivery in different parts of the world through quality education and research.

India and various countries in Southeast Asia are set to benefit from global initiatives implemented by the Everest Foundation and other organizations. 

One of the initiatives involves training foreign doctors at medical institutions in the United States. Southeast Asian doctors are already receiving training at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. This global initiative exposes foreign physicians to the latest medical technology. 

The Everest Foundation also supports community-based hospitals and fellowships that require funding. The donation helps improve healthcare delivery for local communities. Many medical institutions in developing countries are affected by sparse private funding. They depend solely on limited support from the government. 


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