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Writing is not an easy job. First you work for months on a (for you) good manuscript and then an equally difficult part comes in: get the manuscript to the man, or actually the publisher. Unless you are a famous writer who has a regular publisher, this is quite a challenge. That’s why we give you some tips that can help you have your book published by a publisher.

Decide in which category your manuscript will end up

It is not always easy to place a good book or story in a certain box (genre). If you want to get your manuscript through at a publishing house, then it is useful to mention a genre. Have you written a biography or a travel story? Or rather a fictional fantasy story or love novel? The category determines which publishing house you have the best chance of. And with that you immediately come to tip 2: do research on the publisher.

Do a good research on the publisher

Submitting your manuscript to a publisher that only publishes non-fiction while your book is a fictional story is a reasonable waste of time. The chance that your book will be accepted is very small, despite the fact that the book does contain a good story. It is therefore very important to draw up a list of potential publishers who have previously published the same type of stories / books and are known for the genre of your manuscript. Also show that you didn’t just send the manuscript to every publisher.

Prepare to submit your manuscript

Just send an email with your manuscript and the mention ‘have fun reading’ does not work, of course. Submitting your manuscript requires a lot of preparation. So you not only have to write an attractive pitch, but you also have to add a synopsis , the first chapter, possibly a proposal of title and your past writing experience. Make it as easy as possible for the editors; after a page, they often already know whether a manuscript gets a go or not. Putting time in offering your manuscript is therefore very important. A shame even if you have worked on your books for a long time and you make yourself comfortable with offering them. Even though you are convinced of your story, someone may look at it differently. Tip: you can also choose to write a first chapter, put a storyline on paper and not continue writing. That way there is much more room for an editor to send you when writing the story. This way you avoid spending a lot of time in a story that editors don’t like.

Search for a literary agent

One way that a lot of novice authors use to easily get in touch with publishers is to appoint a literary agent. As you visit you will find the options for the best writing papers on different subjects that will help you in your writings. This often has good connections with different publishers and a certain reputation, which makes it easier for the editors to convince your book that it can do well. Literary agents can help you with their experience in the process from finishing your book to publishing it.


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