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How do I help my child to focus

Many mothers suffer from the problem of the lack of focus of her child in his studies, and this is considered a major problem as it affects his academic achievement, especially with the large number of school duties these days, as a result of this the child loses his focus, and can be dispersed between the subjects, so there are a lot of advice And the methods that can be used to improve the child’s level of focus and help improve his level and academic achievement, but before we address the methods used, we must focus on aspects that indicate your child’s lack of focus. [1]

Manifestations of lack of focus

Many aspects indicate that the person is less concentrated, and these include: [2]

Delayed speech, especially the pronunciation of letters well.

The child’s inability to complete the activities and duties assigned to him, particularly if it is long time or even requires great effort as well.

The presence of multiple activities and duties that must be accomplished on that day, which leads to the dispersion of the child, where you see him color during a period of time, and in the other period he writes letters, for example, this makes him dispersed.

Suffering from remembering what he learns easily or quickly, you see him forget what he took after a very short time.

Forget about the places where he learned multiple subjects, and he also forgets the places where he put his items and toys.

Not being able to help with anything, even if it is about organizing simple things, such as arranging his games.

Suffering from learning simple methods, such as how to hold his pen, how to cut a paper, and his inability to use colors.

Difficulty responding to cognitive issues, such as: color discrimination or even the inability to distinguish if there is an missing piece or image in a game, and these are called visual effects.

Difficulty responding to perceptual auditory issues, such as: the inability to determine a sound source from a nearby location such as a cat’s sound.

Difficulty responding to sensory perceptions, such as the inability to distinguish things by feeling like an apple, or football, for example.

Improve the child’s concentration

To improve the concentration level in children, follow these steps: [3]

Talk to the teacher in charge of your child at school, discuss with him about it and how you can deal with this problem.

Monitor his behavior and behavior at home, and compare them to his behavior, which his teacher told you about.

Go to a doctor to make sure your child is safe in terms of hearing, sight, and sensation.

Try to use new methods and activities, by focusing on the child’s movement and creativity in many ways.

Move away from a style that your child feels really unfocused, such as repeating the phrase why don’t you focus, as you are sarhan.

While teaching your child, try to change where you memorize the different topics, and link the topics to places to help him remember easily.

You must be patient and enduring, and give your child room to rest.

Establish a healthy diet program for your child, because food is very beneficial to his body and gives him the ability to study.

Encourage him by taking places he loves and giving him prizes when completing a topic.


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