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iFEEL’s Global Citizen Leader Program: A breeding ground for entrepreneurship


The recent years have witnessed an inrush of a new trend in the management education sphere – entrepreneurship. Students in Top B-schools are not only taught the basic fundamentals of business management but also the practicalities of starting their own businesses as well as a career in the corporate world. This is because recruiters these days don’t look for mere degrees but entrepreneurial skills too which pertain to their creativity, leadership, strategic thinking, and more. 

Meanwhile, as much as top MBA and PGDM colleges in India are equipping the students with entrepreneurial skills, it is also crucial that a viable environment be available for them to utilize their skills and unleash their maximum potential. In its attempt to do the same, iFEELLonavala conducts Global Citizen Leader Program for its PGDM students. The program offers students theopportunity to test and implement their skills in real-life business scenarios. 

Over a period of six months, students are expected to do intensive research and apply their knowledge on the real-life business projects given to them. From providing solutions during crisis situations to preparing a social campaign for guest companies, the tasks assigned to them are wide-ranging. However, with this, they will be well-acquainted with several areas of business management and not just be confined to a specific few. 

After implementing their skills and handling the real-time corporate project that they are assigned with, students of iFEEL have to prepare a presentation that will be judged based on parameters such as quality of content, the scope of application, Q&A sessions, innovation, etc. The panel includes notable experts from within the industry who will rate the presentations and provide the necessary feedback. 

A program curated by Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) which is a global initiative of the Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL), iFEEL’s Global Citizen Leader Program is a great way to help students bolster their confidence before stepping into the corporate world. Furthermore, by interacting with eminent industry experts, they will gain constructive feedback that will come in handy throughout their entrepreneurial journey while getting better clarity on the areas they need to improve upon. 

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