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Mother Language Day’s Bangladesh

It offers me immense pleasure to put pen to paper something about our native language because it’s called Worldwide Mother language Day on 21st February in every single year with the world that is sanctified by titivating flowers and holding inside the finest regard the remembrances of people language martyrs who’d set their lives for the reason behind allowing the dignity within our strength just like a nation by raising our heads like other nations virtually. The 21st February can be a red-letter day inside the good status for the native language. It is a very significant day cellular good judgment we’ve had the opportunity to establish our native language as our condition language.

It’s our glory and inspiration we’ve achieved freedom within the movement during the day. We feel that individuals could not achieve our freedom if 21st February wasn’t emergent in 1952. Due to the movement during the day, we have proven our agitation in the rulers in the then Pakistan along with the folks no matter castes and creed needed part inside the movement getting been impacted by the gallant touchwood of Bengali nationalism. The word ‘nationalism’ comes reduced the heritage, culture and tradition from the particular country which signifies uniformity according of just one belief this is the language conventionally uttered in the child that’s his actual identity. Nationalism is actually which clearly gives an acquaintance meaning using what language he expresses his mode of his explicit desire about what he wants or what he wish to accomplish. So our heritage is expressed as an indication of ideal acquaintance as Bengali Language that people survive on full belief of livelihood and for that reason every elegiac influence is anxious in having this recognition during the day in the world. We could think our personal thought that we are created equally according of expressing our personal tradition, culture and religion that’s bedded around the soil, grass, plants, creeper and our dwelling place. We can not think even so to speak the boy is treated that just about a terrorist or miscreant or he’s excommunicated within an immature stage. Whenever we lose our belief inside our own nationalism, we must make sure construct them who is able to give his identity just like a Bengali nation. To speak the truth, the 21st February, denoting blaze illumination is our rectitude our survival as Bengali nation remains reflected with the world.

In this particular day some youthful persons within our country have bequeathed to create resistance against the conspiracy within our native language. They have intensified the movement by levels and being polemical, the then rulers have invaded them and finally they’d shot them dead. This can be this kind of movement where our heroes have set their lives for the reason behind elevated deportment within our native language. On the planet, such unparalleled movement is not happened. Like all year, this year has transported out this time with due somber mood and prominence. We celebrate this time with recognition in line with the heritage of the united states. This time is coupled with our Independence Day as though it’s coupled with our blood stream. The heroes who’ve set their lives for the reason behind our equality, liberty and national prestige within our country shall remain ever memorable to many of us.

Ours can be a least developed country and we are passing using a great perturbation against terrorism, bribing, and dishonesty and embracing a adding step to policies of misleading individuals. We wish all the ends of those mischievous activity within the social existence. We have to remember the fantastic sacrifice in the martyrs who’d saved our native language by dedicating their lives. Consequent this, we achieved the 21st February becoming an ‘International Native Language Day’ in 1999. An excellent achievement in the world to demonstrate our best wishes towards the Bengali Language. It is a rare example inside the good status for mankind. Additionally, the dignity within our native language deserves having this finest recognition since the poet in this particular language remains awarded ‘Nobel Prize’ in addition to many European and American countries such language is trained plus a certain part of the people in the world this language of their very own accord. Many great mankind has been born in this particular beautiful land the best contribution around the world. Likely to excellent history without anyone’s understanding within our mother language that is highlighted through struggle inside the history which explains why our native language remains mixed as if inside our sensitivity and essence over time.

In fine, if we want to preserve the prestige of Bengali nation, we must pay great eulogy praise for the martyrs. They’d set their lives for your restoration of democracy and freedom of monetary aspects. Their activities are unquestionably of heroic deeds. Whenever we dedicate ourselves for the reason behind equality and liberty within our country, their departed souls will probably be peaceful and effulgence. In every single year, we celebrate this time by showing homage on their behalf and shower the flowers for the ‘Shaheed Minar’ so that you can solemnize their memory and achievements brought towards the dignity within our native language. Whenever we to check out the world, we’ll uncover our language has occupied a specific position having its own prevalent vision and cosmopolitan outlook. Lots of foreign books are increasingly being converted in this particular language and our education and culture are increasingly being enriched every time. We have to bear in mind that within the language movement of 21st February, our movement of independence remains faster plus 1969, the choice in the peoples right have been established the folks of the nation comprehend the idea of real patriotism that due to unparalleled agitation in the erstwhile Pakistani rulers, they needed part in freedom fight and won victoriously and in this way by ninth several days active struggle, our country happened as Bangladesh inside the map around the world. The nationalism the people have understood was hidden inside the mainstream of language movement of 21st February which was our just an impressive crowd-puller that a history remains created getting experienced while using birth within our country just like a free nation virtually.

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