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Security certifications go hand in hand with career growth

It is an extremely common narrative that cyber-security certifications provide professionals with a kick start to formulate themselves a strong career. The chances of having high paying salaries, better opportunity at executive level post and affirmative increase within current skillset are some of the dedicated benefits of security certifications. Apart from all this one would try their best to have completed only a few specific certifications which complement their current skillset. But how this can be done? This is where professional’s advice come into play, there are a plenty of security certifications out there which can promise the best of career growth there is.

CompTIA Security+ and CEH certifications are some of the most dedicated security certifications you must come in contact with. Having this certifications make you stand out from the herd and let you shine from the rest of the competition. This way you can continue to grow and step on the ladder of making your career at one step at a time. Following are the most competitive certifications you should consider if you want to pursue a smooth career within these dedicated certifications;

CompTIA Security+ Certification      

CompTIA Security+ certification is considered the most basic or otherwise an entry-level certification obtained by many professionals who seek a decent job in the sector. However, it provides young students with a stepping stone to strengthen their knowledge and professional skills along the way in the world of cybersecurity. Although CompTIA recommends that you have sufficient knowledge in the field before undergoing with this certification.

This certification represents the professionals of various aspects of cybersecurity such as configuring, manufacturing, implementing and stabilization of the security systems, policies and infrastructure.

Candidates undertaking this specific certification should have a decent or entry-level knowledge pertaining to threat identification, detection, intrusion as well as being able to conduct the penetration testing of the systems and network infrastructure along with risk management and mitigation. In order to be eligible for undertaking this certification, candidates must have a Network+ credential and two years of experience in the field of IT administration with a focus over the cybersecurity systems.

If you are bound to undertake CompTIA security+ certification because you still are an entry-level professional and want to sharpen your skills before you enter the world of cyber security, then it is the right choice for you. Because the CEH mainly focus over the increased professional outreach regarding specific topics of the IT world such as penetration expert, ethical hacker, network administrator and security official and the list goes on and on.

Anyone who is looking to initiate their career as a cybersecurity official should go down with the Security+ certification offered by CompTIA, and it is valid for three whole years. And after the dedicated time period passes you can easily apply for the renewal of the certification at easier terms.

CEH—Certified ethical hacker

CEH or certified ethical hackers are the professionals who have dedicated knowledge of the various security systems and the knowledge of penetration testing acquired over the years. There are various subsidiaries for the working action of these professionals such as these can work within the IT security of an organization or enterprise, design and implement a strategic networking system.

Regulation of its updates or development of certain security functions or firewalls to restrict the entry of various unauthorized attackers are also registered as perfect job descriptions of such professionals. Getting CEH certified means that you have passed or cleared the dedicated passage using which you can prove your worth and professional aptitude to the employers.

Rules and Regulations for CEH

If you want to get CEH certification online from QuickStart Technologies, InfoSec Academy, or any other reputed IT training provider then you need to understand a few rules and regulations that persist there. Such as this certification is being regulated by the EC-Council, and this organization offers tons of flexibility for the professionals who want to indulge in this specific kind of certification. You will have to present the organization with a 2 year straightforward experience in various concerning fields of the IT and if you qualify then you can sit in the exam. After passing the exam you will be guaranteed a certification that will validate or authenticate your professional skills submitting as an ethical hacker or a penetration testing expert.

Global information assurance certification penetration tester

This is a specific kind of certification that is only permitted or permissible for the professionals who have some background knowledge covering the basic IT fundamentals and or principals. This certification is being run by the SANS Institute, this is one of the most accomplished and old organizations to offer education for cyber training.

This certification is kind of a hands-on learning experience, as soon as a new discipline surfaces you will have to update yourself with these new terms, updates and principals. These courses are only available online, which means that these courses are not only safe but also very informative and convenient for that particular user to wrap their heads around.

Now there are two sub branches of this specific certification which either deals with the network implementations as well as normal IT based operations. These professionals can become ethical hackers to perform penetration testing on network-based systems such as IT or Data centers and or cloud-based systems as well. Furthermore, these professionals are required to develop, implement and or deploy various security updates covering the security needs for these organizations or enterprises.

On the other hand, the normal penetration testing means that the professional would have to perform regular checkups of IT based systems which have no contact with the networking side of things. This can include the computers, on board servers that are used to store information and or other IT based technology as well. These professionals not only have “how know” experience of things but have dedicated skills and serious knowledge which they can transform into their regular working.

The main talent is to develop a working environment that is identical to a breach of the security systems and under controlled conditions check the security parameters of the systems. An excellent IT based system would have zero breaches and all such executions of trying to break the firewall security of the systems and getting near to the sensitive information won’t work. This is how a penetration tester performs their job.

All of the security certifications mentioned here include a common factor and that is the dominance of highly professional skills among the holders of the certification. This way not only you can pursue a standard IT based career but can also profoundly go for the very growth that you have been aiming to get acquainted with.

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