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Simple Python Projects To Strengthen Your Portfolio 

Programming is garnering more and more popularity in modern times. Especially, Python due to its simplicity and flexibility is a common choice among many individuals as well as companies. 

Creating a strong portfolio is an extremely important part of building a career in programming, no matter which language you’re opting for. Thus, it is highly recommended that you undergo Python Training for building a strong portfolio! Here, we are discussing a few easy Python projects that will help you brush up your skills as well as add to the quality of your resume. 

Rock Paper Scissors 

Rock, paper and scissors is a very basic game that we all have played at a point in our childhood. This game can be designed in a way that the players take turns against the computer. First, the player has to select an option from either three. Simultaneously, the computer generates an output in its turn. The winner is declared by checking the results in the following manner, in case of :

  • Rock and paper – paper wins
  • Rock and scissors – rock wins
  • Scissors and paper – scissors win 

Turtle Race

The turtle race game includes designing a programme which uses loops for turtle racing. Firstly, you’re supposed to create a race track for the turtles. This can either be dashes at equal distances or a straight solid line. Then add multiple turtles of different colours. You can select one turtle and its opponent for racing. 

What’s My Birthday 

This program is very simple and doesn’t require in-depth knowledge or complex programming skills. All you need to do is calculate the age of the user based on the birthday he enters. That day will be subtracted from the present date. When a date is entered in the format of the DD/MM/YYYY, it is deducted from the current date in the same format. This way, the remainder is the user’s age in years, months and days. 

Password Generator 

As the name suggests, this program involves creating a password when the user commands. You have to ask about the number of figures he wants in the password, however, make sure that at least 6 characters are included in it. Also, It is advised to use random letters than actual words to make the password strong. A combination of letters, numbers and special characters can be formed. 

Programming is something you can master only by practice. A strong portfolio requires a lot of experience and expertise. If you’re not confident enough to create projects by yourself, try joining a class. You can enrol in any renowned Python Course in Delhi for the same. PST Analytics provides Analytics training for newbies and helps them create better career opportunities for themselves. 


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