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Writing a Memo: Everything You Must Know

Memos are very widespread. They are not only convenient but essential for bigger organizations. Today, we’ll discuss memos and ways to write one.

The definition of the term

First of all, let’s define what a memo is. The term is often replaced by a memorandum or reminder. In short, it is a piece of internal communications used to notify about the business within one organization.

What’s the difference between an email and a memo?

Unlike email letters, a memo is instantly sent to plenty of people. It’s sent to the employees of one company or even a certain department. Plenty of firms use memos to notify their employees about upcoming events, internal changes, or schedule adjustments.

Phrases used in memos

Those who often get memos, already know that most of them include some set phrases. They are:

  • I’m writing to inform you/ request smth…
  • Please RSVP/ let me know…
  • I appreciate your cooperation…

Ways to write a business memo

It’s very easy to create a memo. Just make the top part first. It consists of whom you write, who writes the memo, and when. Then, in the main part, you describe the subject of the reminder. Very often people use select clichés in the main paragraph.

To discover the structure of a memo, you should look at some examples online. Very often, the main body consists of one – three paragraphs and briefly states the case. If you write a memo, you should be clear and straightforward. Write simple sentences to avoid any confusion.

The verdict

Writing memos is not complicated. Once you know the key elements and the general structure, you’ll see how easy one can write numerous memos. To learn more about them and get quality examples, visit

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